Books for Six- to Eight-Year-Olds to Read by Themselves

Books for Six- to Eight-Year-Olds to Read by Themselves: Easy, beginning-to-read books, with or without help. (Books marked with an asterisk are also recommended for older children at a beginning reader level.)

2Beecroft, Simon (2008) Watch Out for Jabba the Hutt!* (Star Wars: Clone Wars; DK Readers). Toronto: DK Publishing. High interest books! Read about the different adventures Star Wars characters have. Other recommended books: Many books in this DK series at varying reading levels, starting at pre-reading.

Carney, Elizabeth (2009) National Geographic Readers: Frogs!* Nonfiction. Des Moines: National Geographic Children’s Books. High interest information about animals, with beginning vocabulary. Other recommended books in the same series: Penguins, Bats

Crew, Donald (1994) Ten Black Dots. New York: Mulberry Books. Mathematics. Who would think that simple black dots could make a sun, two fox eyes or eight train wheels? Other recommended books by the same author: Truck, Freight Train

Dr. Seuss (1957) Cat in the Hat.*  New York: Random House Children’s Books. Two children are bored on a rainy day until a giant cat shows up to take them on a crazy adventure! Other recommended books by the same author: There are numerous Dr. Seuss books, including: Cat in the Hat Comes Back*; Fox in Socks; Dr. Seuss’s ABC; Green Eggs and Ham; One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish; The Five Hundred Hats of Bartholomew Cubbins*

Eastman, P.D. (1961) Go Dog Go!*  New York: Random House Children’s Books. With repetitive and rhythmic text, this loved book introduces colours and prepositions in a silly but meaningful way! Other recommended books by the same author: Are You My Mother?

Landers, Ace (2008) Hot Wheels Off-Roading*  New York: Scholastic Inc. Books about cars for beginner readers. Other recommended books in the same series: Hot Wheels – To the Extreme

Minarik, Else Holmelund (1978) Little Bear. New York: Harper Collins Publishers. This is the first I Can Read Book in a series about an understanding mother and her young bear. Perfect for the beginning reader. Other recommended books by the same author: Kiss for Little Bear, Little Bear’s Friend, Father Bear Comes Home

Nagel, Karen (2009) Shapes That Roll. Maplewood: Blue Apple Books. Mathematics. Simple rhyming that explores different shapes and where you might find them. Other recommended books by the same author: Our Silly Garden

Books for readers

Alexander, Lloyd (1997) The Fortune-Tellers.*  New York: Penguin Young Readers Group. A seedy fortune-teller preys on villagers desperate for a bright future. Amazingly, one prediction comes true. Coincidence? Other recommended books by the same author: How the Cat Swallowed Thunder

Almond, David (2010) The Boy Who Climbed into the Moon. Sommerville: Candlewick Press. An unadventurous boy decides to set off one day to touch the sky!

Amery, Heather (2004) Goldilocks and the Three Bears. Newmarket: Usborne Books. These traditional fairy tales are written for beginning readers. Other recommended books by the same author: Little Red Riding Hood, The Story of Rumpelstilskin, Cinderella

Applegate, Katherine (2008) Roscoe Riley Rules #1: Never Glue Your Friends to Chairs. New York: HarperCollins. Roscoe is a lively first-grader who always seems to find himself in mishaps. Other recommended books by the same author: There are seven books in this series.

Bourgeois, Paulette (1987) Franklin in the Dark. Toronto: Kids Can Press. Franklin the turtle learns to deal with many problems with support from his family and friends. Other recommended books by the same author: There is a series of stories about Franklin.

Cleary, Beverly (1999) Ramona Quimby Age 8.*  New York: Harper Collins Publishers. Ramona feels grown up now that she is eight. Read about the misadventures of this quirky little girl! Other recommended books by the same author: This book is one of a series. Other series: Henry Huggins*, Ralph S. Mouse*

Dane Bauer, Marion & Tekliela, Stan (2008) Some Babies are Wild. Cambridge: Adventure Publications. Nonfiction. Beautiful illustrations and text explore the loving relationships between baby animals and their moms. Other recommended books by the same author: Baby Bear Discovers the World

Davies, Nicola (2006) Extreme Animals: The Toughest Creatures on Earth.*  Sommerville: Candlewick. Nonfiction. Learn about animals that are surviving in some of the toughest conditions on Earth. Other recommended books by the same author: White Owl, Barn Owl, Bat Loves the Night: Read and Wonder

Franco, Betsy (2009) Messing Around on the Monkey Bars: And Other School Poems for Two Voices.*  Sommerville: Candlewick. A collection of nineteen poems all about school. Read them by yourself or in pairs! Other recommended books by the same author: A Curious Collection of Cats

Garland, Sherry (2001) The Lotus Seed. New York: Houghton Mifflin Harcourt. A Vietnamese girl finds a lotus seed and carries it with her through the many trying times of her life. Other recommended books by the same author: Song of the Buffalo Boy, Indio

Goldstone, Bruce (2006) Great Estimations. New York: Henry Holt Books. Mathematics. How many jelly beans are on the front cover? Don’t count.  Learn to estimate and have fun doing it! Other recommended books by the same author: Beastly Feast

Hansen, Rosanna (2007) Caring for Cheetahs: My African Adventure.*  Honesdale: Boyds Mill Press. Nonfiction. The author describes the important work she and others are doing to protect cheetahs. Other recommended books by the same author: Panda: A Guide Horse for Ann, Caring Animals and Animal Rescuers

Hoffman, Mary (2007) Amazing Grace. London: Frances Lincoln. Grace finds she can do many things if she tries. She may even be the first black Peter Pan. Other recommended books by the same author: Bravo Grace, Encore Grace

Kennemore, Tim (2005) Alice’s Shooting Star. London: Eerdmans Books for Young Readers. A girl tries to convince her parents that her younger sister’s stories are creative tales rather than lies. Other recommended books by the same author: Alice’s Birthday Pig, Alice’s World Record

Leblanc, Louise (1993) Maddie Wants Music. Halifax: Formac. Always wanting her own way, Maddie makes wrong choices. She ends up with a lesson in honesty. Other recommended books by the same author: Maddie’s Millionaire Dreams

Maddox, Jake (2009) Free Climb.*  Mankato: Stone Arch Books. Amir loves climbing! When his friend is in danger, will Amir know enough about climbing to save him? Other recommended books by the same author: Muscle, Open Air, Adrenaline

Moore, Eva (2000) The Magic School Bus Chapter Book #1: The Truth about Bats*  New York: Scholastic. Each book takes the kids on an adventure learning about an aspect of science, such as bats. Other recommended books in the series: The Wild Whale Watch, Butterfly Battle

Munsch, Robert (1992) The Paper Bag Princess. Toronto: Annick Press. Elizabeth is about to marry her prince when a dragon ruins everything! Read about how her bravery and smarts fix the situation. Other recommended books by the same author: Mortimer, We Share Everything

Osbourne, Mary Pope (1992) Magic Tree House #1: Dinosaurs Before Dark.* New York: Random House Publishing. Jack and Annie take a trip in a magic tree house to a land far away and learn about prehistoric times! Other recommended books by the same author: This book is one in a series of more than forty books.

Park, Barbara (2003) Junie B First Grader Toothless Wonder.  New York: Random House Books for Young Readers. Junie is super excited to be the first in her class to lose her tooth. Her only worry… the tooth fairy is a witch! Other recommended books by the same author: There are twenty-four books in this series. They are great as early chapter books.

Pilkey, Dav (2000) Ricky Ricotta’s Mighty Robot.*  New York: Scholastic Inc. Ricky is a small mouse who has a gigantic friend – a flying robot! A simple chapter book. Other recommended books by the same author: Ricky Ricotta’s Mighty Robot vs. The Mutant Mosquitoes From Mercury

Stilton, Geronimo (2007) Thea Stilton and the Mystery in Paris.*  New York: Scholastic Inc. When Thea and her friends set off to Paris, who knew they would be solving a mystery of stolen clothing designs? Other recommended books by the same series: Thea Stilton and the Cherry Blossom Adventure

Tang, Greg (2004). Math Fables.*  New York: Scholastic Press. Mathematics. Animals introduce counting and grouping while demonstrating the importance of friendship and appreciation. Other recommended books by the same author: Math Appeal, Math Potatoes

Warner, Gertrude Chandler (2009) Boxcar Children Graphic Novel Series: Season One Box Set Vo1-6. New York: Albert Whitman & Company. Graphic Novel. The Alden orphans find an old boxcar that they decide to live in. Join them in solving mysteries that come their way.

Challenging Books

Gardiner, John Reynolds (1983) Stone Fox.*  New York: HarperCollins. Willie’s attempt to save the farm through winning a dog sled race is exciting. Other recommended books by the same author: General Butterfingers, Top Secret

Holm, Jennifer and Holm, Matthew (2005) Babymouse, Book #1: Queen of the World!* Random House for Young Readers. Graphic Novel. Baby mouse just wants to fit in! Will she get invited to the exclusive slumber party? Other recommended books by the same author: This is the first book in a series of thirteen.

Hughes, Ted (1999) Iron Giant.*  New York: HarperCollins. A giant robot roams the land at night, destroying everything. Hogarth is the only one brave enough to help. Other recommended books by the same author: The Iron Woman, The Iron Man

Mazer, Anne (2000) Amazing Days of Abby Hayes, Book #1: Every Cloud Has a Silver Lining. New York: Scholastic Paperbacks. Abby is a spunky heroine who is looking for her talent among her superstar family. Written primarily in journal entries. Other recommended books by the same author: This is the first book in a series of twenty.

McFarlane, Sheryl (2002) Waiting for the Whales. Victoria: Orca Book Publishers. A grandfather shares his love of the land and sea with his granddaughter. Other recommended books by the same author: Eagle Dreams

Scieszka, Jon (1995) Math Curse. New York: Viking. Mathematics. When a class is told that almost everything is a math problem, one student becomes very anxious. Other recommended books by the same author: Science Curse, Knucklehead Tall Tales and True Stories of Growing Up

Takashima, Shizuye (1992) A Child in Prison Camp. Toronto: Tundra Books. The author’s personal story as an eleven year-old Japanese-Canadian living in an internment camp during World War II.