Books on Raising Adult Children and Letting Go

Here is a list of wonderful books on raising adult children and letting go:

  1. Bottke, Allison. Setting Boundaries with your Adult Children: Six Steps to Hope and Healing for Struggling Parents.  Harvest House Publishers, 2008.
  2. Campbell, Ross and Chapman, Gary. How to Really Love Your Adult Child: Building a Healthy Relationship in a Changing World. Northfield Publishing, 2011.
  3. Hofer, Barbara K. and Moore, Abigail Sullivan. The iConnected Parent: Staying Close to Your Kids in College and Beyond While Letting Them Grow. The Free Press, 2010.
  4. Jenson, Mary. Taking Flight from Empty Nest. Harvest House Publishers, 2001.
  5. Kuyper, Vicki. Everyday Prayers for Everyday Cares for Parents. Honor Books, 2002.
  6. Omartian, Stormie. The Power of Praying for Your Adult Childre. Harvest House Publishers, 2014.
  7. Parent, Gail and Ende Susan. How to Raise Your Adult Children. Hudson Street Press, 2010.
  8. Veerman, Dave. Letting Them Go: Prepare Your Heart, Prepare Your Child for Leaving Home. The Livingstone Corporation, 2006.